CPA Review Materials – An Overview of the Most Popular Courses

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Even though the CPA examination is considered by many as one of the hardest tests to pass to acquire a professional license, the good thing is that there are also a number of trusted and reliable sources that can provide you with the right training and tools that will help you succeed.  These reviewers have been consistent for years in helping individuals make the most out of their studies and reviews, so they can eventually pass with flying colors.

The Yaeger CPA Review Course

The Yaeger CPA review course is one of the most affordable reviews you can buy without compromising quality.  The website indicates that students who have undergone their review have about an 88% passing rate on the exam.  Dr. Phil Yaeger founded the review course in 1977 and offers various approaches in helping students to pass.  They have an 800 number Instructors Hotline where students can easily call and ask questions regarding their course material or the CPA exam.  You can read about my personal experience with the Yaeger CPA Review Course on my blog,

You can also view lecture videos, presented by very expert instructors, that cover important concepts and aspects that will eventually come up on the exam.  You can also get the cram DVDs, that will allegedly add at least 5 to 15 points to your overall test score (this is in line with my own experience with the course – again, more info on my cpa exam blog). Each DVD contains a compacted version covering a single CPA exam section, lasting anywhere between 7 and 16 hours.  These course materials are updated each year, so you can be certain that the information you get is always new.

Lambers CPA Review Course

Lambers Review training tools and materials are created to provide you with up-to-date and efficient training methods that are available on the market today. The approach incorporates self paced training which works very well for new graduates and professionals. You get to maximize your time, as well as have full control over your study schedule. The exam will be comprised of 4 sections namely auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, accounting and reporting and regulation. You can check out the Lambers course by clicking here.

The Becker CPA Review Course

The Becker CPA exam review course is a comprehensive, proven and integrated course that provides students with a learning approach that will make the most out of your study time.  You can increase your chances of passing, as experts and faculty invest over 100,000 hours to prepare students to successfully pass.  Expect the review to include expert instruction, textbooks, full simulation courses, the PassMaster software, The Becker Promise or TFCH, the interactive study planner, final exam software and unlimited academic guidance and support.  You can also choose to get flashcards and final reviews.

Bisk CPA Review Course

You can get very useful insight and information from top CPA exam instructors on how to simplify and analyze very hard CPA topics in the exam.  You can choose to review online or e-learn.  You can get a structured CD-ROM based CPA review anytime and anywhere.  You can also go through the review in person via expert instructors.  Bisk also offers accounting professors to guide you through the academic licensing. Other materials you can expect from Bisk include textbooks, DVD, software and audio review materials.

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